Seeking the Republican Nomination for the 3rd District of TN
Seeking the Republican Nomination for the 3rd District of TN
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    Jeremy Shane Massengale lives in Cleveland, TN with his wife, Molly, of 20 years and their youngest son, Phillip. Their oldest son, Nathan, is currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee.

    Jeremy was born in Scott County, TN and lived there until his family had to move out of state due to the coal industries decline in the area. At 18, he moved back to TN to attend Lee University. After starting a family, he left college for a time and began working in logistics. Through hard work and a willingness to gain as much knowledge as possible, Jeremy was able to move from an entry level warehouse worker to an inventory supervisor that oversaw 60 employees. 

    During the process of becoming a supervisor, Jeremy finished his Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Bryan College. Jeremy now works in the medical industry as a Senior Service Rep. for a large lab in Chattanooga, TN.

    Jeremy is not a lawyer or career politician. He is a blue collar worker that knows what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck. He understands the problems that most Americans face today and wants to fight for everyone impacted by our out of touch Congress in Washington, DC. He believes it is time for citizen legislators to be sent to Congress.


    Jeremy is committed to fight for life from conception to natural death


    Jeremy believes our liberty has been eroded and is committed to fight for the individual rights and freedoms of every American.

    Limited Government

    Jeremy is committed to limiting an overreaching Federal Government by balancing the budget and only funding those powers delegated to it by the Constitution.


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